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Engaging Experts in Gas and LNG Markets through Specialised Working Groups

5 Specialised Working Groups were established as part of the LNGnet project.

Group members meet regularly to develop case studies, prepare findings and give policy recommendations. The groups are constructed around 5 key topics:

  • SWG1: LNG role in the context of transitioning energy economies and the integrated energy systems of the world

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  • SWG2: Reducing methane emissions across the LNG value chain

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  • SWG3: Infrastructure, financing, market access and design – how to assure investment Facilitating liquidity in LNG wholesale trading
  • SWG4: Domestic Market
  • SWG5: LNG Trading

About SWG5
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Enhancing Knowledge and Expertise: Training Courses and Technical Assistance

The Florence School of Regulation, one of the consortium partners leading LNGnet projects, is in charge of providing residential, blended and online training for professionals in the energy sector. The modules are designed to deepen the engagement of partner countries in liquid and flexible global LNG trade, and to increase their understanding of EU gas and LNG market policies and practices, including on the envisaged decarbonisation of the gas sector in line with the EU’s climate objectives.

3 Main modules are offered, dealing respectively with:

  1. Gas market design, structure and regulation
  2. LNG market structure, organisation and arrangements
  3. Decarbonisation, gases and LNG

Courses are highly interactive, with the purpose to ensure a full educational experience based on a bi-directional communication exchange (from the instructor/expert to trainees and vice-versa). In order to facilitate and strengthen the learning experience, existing and open access FSR multimedia material such as videos, podcasts, and pre-recorded video-lectures arel be made available to participants. To find our more about the past and upcoming training courses please visit: FSR website

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