Between summer 2022 and autumn 2023 LNGnet will organise 3 international events: two international workshops and one high-level conference.

The first international workshop took place in Florence, Italy on 23 June 2022. Against the backdrop of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and its implications on global gas markets participants discussed the global energy supply-demand balance and learned about EU policy proposals to reduce the energy dependency on Russia while ensuring both Europe’s supply security and its transition towards climate neutrality.

Our second International Workshop in Hamburg on March 23 will take up this thread and look back to Winter 22/23: How did Europe and other LNG demand centres fare in securing LNG supplies, did the market deliver? What kind of emergency policy measures proved successful and where do we need to improve them in preparation for Winter 23/24? And with regards to mid and long-term perspectives: what are the best instruments to secure LNG supplies at affordable prices while at the same time supporting the transition towards climate neutrality? What is the role of the state and of private financiers in facilitating the right investment at the right time? And what is “the right” project in technological terms and state-of-the-art equipment, e.g. regarding GHG emissions reduction?

Workshop participants will get together at a working dinner on the eve of the workshop (March 22) and will have the opportunity to join a site visit on the following day (March 24).

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